God for Sceptics - Cogent Christianity

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Is there any such thing as truth? Is there anything that is true for everybody? Is everything merely a matter of opinion? Isn’t everything people say about God just their opinions, simply speculation?
The stance of classical Christianity is that it is precisely the common truth we find in fields like science, history and more that leads to a cogent belief in God. That may surprise you. But Christianity has always been a thinking religion which encourages the pursuit of truth wherever it is found. It has cogency. Not only does Christianity make sense itself, it makes sense of our world and is the foundation of common truth.
Are you sceptical – needing to look at the evidence to support these claims before you accept them? In your scepticism engage in a conversation about Christianity with what is written in this book as one side of the conversation and your own thoughts as the other. See where it leads you …

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