Glimpses of heaven throughout the old testament

David LevellSKU: GH7735 ISBN: 9781846257735



Incredibly, God’s huge, eternal purpose is to call a redeemed people to be with him in glory. And as God has always intended believers to anticipate this, he will surely have given clues and hints of this heavenly future, not just in the New Testament, but from the very start!
Accordingly, in this book it is demonstrated that, far from being a rare occurrence, the Old Testament positively abounds with enchanting
hints and glimpses of the magnificence of heaven. This is traced, starting from the Garden of Eden, through to the patriarchs, the
Promised Land, the tabernacle and temple, the city of David, the
Psalms, Solomon’s kingdom and finally, the Major and Minor Prophets.
The theme of heaven, with here and now applications, fired the minds of the patriarchs, the psalmists and the prophets. May it captivate our
minds and hearts too!

‘Here is a book to revel in. It certainly lives up to its title because heaven and Christ are in focus throughout.
David walks us through the little explored territory of heaven in the Old Testament and his discoveries are often startling and always
encouraging. Readers who follow in his tracks will find a rich reward. Heinvites us to continue in his theme and discover new ‘glimpses of heaven’ for ourselves. This delightful challenge is to read the Bible again, but now with an eye on heaven. Buy it, enjoy it, you will not be disappointed.’
Brian Edwards, (Christian author and editor)

‘It has been said that in the New Testament we have the Old
Testament revealed, while in the Old Testament we have the New
Testament concealed. The latter comes out very clearly in Glimpses of
Heaven throughout the Old Testament. Sometimes Christians in
this life have to be challenged to think more about Heaven. Personally, I felt that my anticipation of Heaven had sharpened after I had read this book.’ 
David Gregson (formerly minister of LittleHill Church, Leicester and Reeth Evangelical Congregational Church, North Yorkshire)

After leaving school at the age of 18, David Levell spent nearly
twenty years in the Civil Service, during which time he was a
member of Trinity Road Chapel, Tooting, followed by Selhurst
Evangelical Church. 
He was then called to the pastorate at Pantiles Grace Baptist
Church, Tunbridge Wells, where he ministered for twenty-five years.
In 2013, he and his wife, Mary, moved to North Yorkshire where
he became the minister of Reeth Evangelical Congregational
Church, a small Fellowship in a remote but beautiful village.
He is still ministering there at this present time.
David and Mary have three grown-up children and five grandchildren.

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