Forgotten heroes of revival

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The 'forgotten heroes' described here had a deep love for Jesus Christ and for the souls of their listeners which enabled them to stand strong through the storms of persecution and to preach a message that didn't only address the mind with truth, but reached right into the hearts. The Word of Life shook their congregations it stirred them, and many were saved. Read about the amazing lives of George Thomson, James Rouquet, Captain Jonathan Scott, David Simpson and Thomas Pentycross.

This is a fantastic book for those who are interested in the development of evangelical Christianity in England and some of the lesser known figures promoting the gospel there who should be better known. It was the faith of these "unsung heroes" that spread to Colonial America and the rise of Christianity in our country. This is the 3rd book I've read by Tim Shenton and his writing is fresh, insightful, and based on thorough research so that it is authoritative. I believe Shenton is destined to become one of the foremost evangelical biographers of our generation and with the list of books he has already written, he is well on the way. May God richly bless his efforts. I highly recommend "Forgotten Heroes of Revival" as well as "An Iron Pillar: the Life of William Romaine" and the masterful "The Life of Rowland Hill: The Second Whitefield", all by Shenton. These books are a feast of great Christian biography for Christians interested in boosting their faith by reading about others who went before us, carrying the banner for Jesus Christ. - Dr. Jay Hines, The American Gospel Hour Radio Program (6 November 2017)

 I recommend this fascinating book for lovers of historical biographies, but also for all Christians who want to know what preaching the gospel is all about, even today. – Neville Rees (Evangelical Times)

 Five fascinating and instructive biographical sketches. – Tom Forryan

 This is a very valuable book to have and to read. Tim Shenton has done the Christian world a singular service in bringing to our notice men deeply involved in revival but who are now largely unknown. – Paul Taylor (The Wesley Fellowship Quarterly)

 A concise, highly informative read: an insight into a great period of God’s blessing upon our country. – Jeremy Murgatroyd (Good book stall review)

 I am delighted to possess this well-researched, well written and worthwhile book. I hope that it is read as widely as it ought to be. – John Walsh (Jesus College, Oxford)

About the Author:

Tim Shenton is the head teacher of St Martin’s School and an elder at Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, England. He is married with two daughters. He has written twenty books, and researched extensively on church history, specializing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His published works by Day One include Heroes of revival, Our perfect God, Jesus in Luke’s Gospel and two other selections of children’s daily readings, expositional commentaries on some of the Minor Prophets, John Rogers—Sealed with blood, and Opening up 1 Thessalonians.


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‘This fascinating book is recommended to all lovers of historical biographies, but also for all Christians who want to know what preaching the gospel is all about, even today.’ Evangelical Times

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