Footsteps of the past: C S Lewis




Another book, another break from school, barbeque time! This time we are writing about a very well-known name. C S Lewis is one of those authors that most people have heard of, read one of his books or seen a film based on his work. He is most famous for the ‘Chronicles of Narnia' series, but did you realise that these great stories also explain his Christian faith? He spent a large part of his adult life hating God, questioning Him and trying to work out the answers. So what changed this incredibly intelligent man to become one of the world's most popular authors? This was one of the most exciting books to write so far, and we hope that you enjoy reading it and doing the activities half as much as we did producing it.

The story of C S Lewis starts in a comfortable home in Ireland. From these beginnings C S Lewis met with several tragedies in his life which helped him develop his thinking. Today he is remembered mostly for the books he wrote. He sold over a hundred million copies and his books have been translated into more than twenty languages, including welsh, Chinese, Icelandic, and even Hawaiian.

About the Authors:

Fleur and Andrew are both deputy head teachers and co-authors of the series 'Footsteps of the Past'.

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