Footsteps of the past: The New Testament in the British Museum

Brian Edwards & Clive AndersonSKU: FPBMNT 366 ISBN: 9781846250361



Romans, Gladiators and Games

Gladiators fighting to the death, cruel emperors who control the lives of millions and marbles you cannot roll—all waiting for you to discover. Step into the exciting world of the first century, see how people lived, worked, played and died. Into this world a new religion was born. See what marks the Christian faith left on the lives of people, and wonder at the change it made to history. Colour in a centurion, find out the size of Diana, discover the lights that people used in the evenings and many more fascinating activities.

About the Authors:

Brian Edwards is the author of twenty books, including one on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, historical biographies on William Tyndale and John Newton and Grace – amazing grace, a study of the greatest word in the Christian vocabulary. He edits the Day One Publications Travel Guide series and preaches and lectures across the UK and abroad. Brian is married to Rosie and they live in Surrey, UK.

Clive Anderson is a Christian minister and author of nine books on historical and biblical subjects, including the prophet Nahum and Sennacherib of Assyria. He co authored with Brian Edwards the popular Though the British Museum with the Bible. Clive regularly leads tours of the British Museum and Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. He is married to Amanda and they live in Hampshire, UK.

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Customer Reviews

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David G

Great informative book.

"really interesting"

This is a really interesting book. It is a guide book and also an activity book for children, which covers aspects of life in Ancient Rome, from gladiatorial battles to games the children played. It is a companion book to the adult version travel guide through the British Museum. It takes children around the various rooms at the museum showing specific items of interest that children may like such as masks, swords etc. It also explains how some of our words came into being. It is especially good at including lots of activities for children such as how to make a copy of a mask that is in the museum. But above all, it does this showing where in the Bible these things are mentioned and how the people of Jesus’ time would have understand the use of the illustrations for example lamps or swords. I think most children would learn a lot from the book yet most importantly enjoy while learning. GoodBookStall Review - Barbara Stoneham - 17/06/09

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