Face2Face with Jeremiah

Roger EllsworthSKU: F2FJER4253 ISBN: 9781846254253



Known as 'the weeping prophet', Jeremiah was called by God to confront the people of Judah with their enormous sins, call them to repentance and assure them of God's judgement if they refused to repent. Despite incredible suffering in the many years of his ministry, Jeremiah remained faithful to his task.

The prophet speaks powerfully to Christians today who are called by the same God to stand for him even as they see more and more people abandoning the things of God.

About the Author: 

Having served for almost fifty years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is now engaged in an itinerant ministry. He has also authored over fifty books. He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons, Tim and Marty, and five grandchildren.


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Ellsworth has given us a work that is both informative and inspirational. Those seeking encouragement in the midst of life’s difficulties will find hope strengthened and faith buoyed. This journey through the weeping prophet’s story provides a godly perspective on the sometimes challenging circumstances of life.
—Todd E. Brady, VP for church relations, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, USA

Everyone needs to read “Face2Face with Jeremiah: Encountering the Weeping Prophet” and they need to read it now! Having served as a pastor and missionary for over thirty years, I highly recommend this informative and interesting book as a great resource for either personal or group study! The study helps at the end of each chapter will help you organize and apply the Book of Jeremiah to your daily life. Roger Ellsworth is an excellent writer who makes the applicability of this ancient text to our modern world crystal clear. If there was ever a time that our world was like the world of Jeremiah’s day, that day is today! Jeremiah is God’s perfect picture of the Spirit-filled Christian proclaiming the Word of God. The people of the prophet’s day refused to hear and heed God’s Word and our present world is making the same tragic error. God has given His warning time and time again and He, His message, and His messengers are still derided, defied, and dismissed.
—Lanny Faulkner: Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atwood, Illinois

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