Face2Face: Tamar, Bathsheba and Tamar

Julia JonesSKU: F2FTBT1412 ISBN: 9781846251412



Many of us today face lives that we would never have chosen for ourselves. We can often feel as if we are helpless victims, suffering pain carelessly inflicted by others. Bathsheba and the two Tamars (of Genesis 38 and 2 Samuel 13) were women with lives like this: all were victims of inappropriate sexual relationships, and all knew deep personal pain as a result. In this sympathetic study, Julia Jones examines what the Bible tells us about the lives of these women. Drawing out key lessons along the way, she highlights the wonderful fact that, by his grace, God enabled each of these damaged women to be used for his purposes - showing that God can use our dark times for good, too.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in Yorkshire, England, Julia Jones became a Christian during her student days. She later returned to student work with UCCF. For many years, Julia  has been involved in church ministry alongside her husband, Daryl. She is part of the FIEC women’s ministry team and speaks at women’s conferences.


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Customer Reviews

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Can there be hope and healing for victims of sexual abuse? God’s Word says ‘Yes!’ In this book, Julia Jones brings timeless lessons from the lives of three Bible women and shows how God’s wonderful grace can reach into situations of pain and despair.
—Sharon James

Many a Bible reader would gloss over these distasteful episodes in Bible history. Julia Jones demonstrates that they have much to teach an age in which every sexual taboo has been broken and the consequent chaos and dysfunction is commonplace. This readable book offers an understanding of failure and shame which is biblical, God-centred and empathetic.
—Ann Benton

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