Exploring the Bible: Joshua

Colin N PeckhamSKU: EXJOS934 ISBN: 9781846250934



Joshua - what a book!

It is a necessary bridge between the Law of Moses and the rest of Israel's history. It magnifies the faithfulness and power of God.

It runs from the epic crossing of the Jordan to the final conquest of the land, this being seen as a vivid and graphic picture of claiming our rich inheritance in Christ. It shows that they could only get into the land of victory and fullness through crossing Jordan, the 'river of death', this being a picture of our dying with Christ and rising with him to a new and abundant resurrection life. It reveals the reasons for their failures and shows obedience and faith to be the basis for their victories.

Joshua is a very important book in the canon of Scripture and this devotional commentary merits your attention. It will challenge you with penetrating insights into Scripture and into your own heart. That in essence is its objective to confront men and women with the necessity of integrity, purity and victory through obedience and faith.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Colin Neil Peckham L.Th (Hons), B.A.(Theol.), B.Th.Hons., M. Th,, D.Th. was born in South Africa where he had ten years of evangelistic ministry and youth work before entering Bible College work in Cape Town for thirteen years. He emigrated to Great Britain and for seventeen years was principal of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh, Scotland. He had an extensive preaching ministry in Britain and abroad and authored several books.


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Customer Reviews

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If you are looking for a fast moving, down-to-earth and challenging insight into Joshua, then this is it. Colin Peckham presents a grasp of the book that is easy to take in, particularly the long historical chapters, and manages at the same time to show how the book’s message is just as vital for today as it has always been. Buy it, study it and act upon it.
—Rev Dr A M Roger, Principal, The Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh

Dr Peckham has produced a great book which perfectly blends together doctrine, devotion and dedication. This is a book for our times for pastor and people alike—a book to be read and re-read. Our day has forgotten the vision of victory set forth in this book. Without such a vision the people will perish and a defeated church will never conquer the world, the flesh, or the devil. Here is a challenge for us to blow upon the gospel trumpets and shout, for the Lord has given us our cities which, like wicked Jericho, are shut up and need their walls of opposition and indifference to crumble before the God’s victorious battle-cry. The book of Joshua is a book for today, and the message of this volume is timely and blessed.
—Rev Paul Bassett, Minister, Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church, Leicester, England

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