Exploring Revelation: Revelation Revealed

Gary Benfold | Exploring the Bible

ISBN: 9781903087848 | Day One Code: EXREV7848


 The book of Revelation may well be the most neglected and misunderstood book in the New Testament; C H Spurgeon professed profound ignorance of its meaning and said ‘Only fools and madmen are positive in their interpretations.’

 Yet Gary Benfold argues instead that Revelation is one of the easiest books in the New Testament to understand—if we will content ourselves with standing back and looking for the main message.

 That is what he helps us to do in this book in a thrilling and fast-moving look at the most famous visions ever recorded.

About the Author:

Gary Benfold pastored Limes Avenue Baptist Church in Aylesbury for sixteen years, and is currently pastor at Moordown Baptist Church in Bournemouth.

Sample Chapter:


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