Engaging with Islam

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The rise of Islam in the West is the next and greatest challenge the contemporary Western church has to face. It is a challenge especially to pastors and other church leaders as it is their responsibility to prepare their congregations—especially the young among them—to know what Muslims believe and be ready for the difficult days ahead for Christianity in the West. Here Ian McNaughton examines the main teachings of Islam and compares them with the doctrine of the Bible, seeking throughout to speak the truth in love about God’s way of salvation as revealed in the Scriptures. Primarily aimed at informing Christians and enquirers about the historic Jesus Christ, this book is written with the conviction that it is the anointed proclamation of the gospel that saves us from the wrath to come and that will also bring Muslims to Christ in our generation in the will of God.


Ian McNaughton studied theology at the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh, and gained his Master of Theology in Historic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania, USA. Since his ordination as a Baptist minister in 1977 he served as a pastor in the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. Now retired, he lives in Merseyside. He and his wife, Violet, have one adult son. His other books include Getting to Grips with Prayer (Day One, 2017) and The Real Lord’s Prayer (Day One, 2012).


‘I believe this book will be a useful resource for Christians and for those seeking the truth found in Jesus.’

Graham Nicholls, Director, Affinity

‘Being aware of Muslim thinking through having ministered among Muslims, I have a deep personal concern for Christians to have a better understanding.
. . . It is my privilege to commend this book to help us understand the issues we face today.’

Edward Challen, retired Baptist pastor, former missionary in Bangladesh and
author of Love Your Muslim Neighbour (Day One, 2018)

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