Early Christianity In Britain

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It has long been a popular belief that Augustine of Canterbury introduced Christianity to Britain in the year AD 597.
In fact, he was over five hundred years too late.
From the earliest days of the Roman conquest of what became Britannia Romana, gospel churches were planted and spreading across these islands.
This carefully researched and referenced examination of the history of the earliest entry of the good news of Jesus into the land of the Celts and Druids turns many so called ‘legends’ into the reality of history and presents some exciting surprises to connect the gospel in Britain with the letters of Paul
in the New Testament.
Here is a long-needed correction to accepted errors of history in an
accessible account of the earliest churches in Britain.


‘Histories of England often jump from Roman invasions to St Augustine’s
mission to convert the Anglo-Saxons.
However, many Christians were active here before Augustine came.
From chronicles, lives of saints and other sources, Peter Green relates the
often-overlooked Christian life in Britain from the first to the sixth centuries.’

Alan Millard, Emeritus Rankin Professor of Hebrew & Ancient Semitic Languages, The University of Liverpool

‘A fascinating and well researched account of how the Christian Church
was established in Britain.
It is a history that sadly few people know.
The language is not academic and it is recommended reading for all
professing Christians to show them how God providentially worked in our
Philip J Rimmer, Principal, Cranmer Memorial Bible College and Seminary


Peter Green earned a PhD at Cranmer Memorial Seminary in ‘The Early Christianization and Conversion of Britain’ and is currently a teaching Professor with MidWestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Spurgeon College) in Kansas City, Missouri USA.
He has spent many years researching the history of the Christian church in Britain prior to the relatively late visit of Augustine in AD 597.
Peter and Maureen are members of George Road Baptist Church in Birmingham UK.

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