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The Bible overflows with benedictions (prayers for God's blessing) and doxologies (expressions of praise) yet preachers often use only a few in worship. Too often the benediction is seen as signal that the service has finished. A study of the NT benedictions should deeper our worship and make us long for heaven, where we will adore God for ever, with sinless souls and glorified bodies.

About the Author:

Stan Evers, a Londoner, has been in ‘full time’ Christian work for over forty years, and pastor of Potton Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, from 1986 until his retirement in 2011. He is author of Doing a great work – Ezra and Nehemiah simply explained (Evangelical Press) and Christ in Exodus (Grace Publications). He is editor of Grace Magazine. 

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Customer Reviews

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While many Christians would think only of two of three benedictions to end a service of worship, Stan Evers has collected twenty-eight of them, only looking at the New Testament, and there are also huge numbers in the Old Testament. Using very clear, straightforward language, the author leads us into helpful meditations on each of these, applying their truths to our everyday lives. This book will stimulate many to stop and think about these powerful words of Scripture.
—Michael Bentley, Bracknell, England,

The benedictions and doxologies of the New Testament! What a good idea for a book, and what a good book! With clarity and perception, Stan Evers takes us through these passages that are often neglected, consistently pointing us to the greatness and glory of our sovereign God and calling us to praise. If there is a shortage of praise in your life, read this book. You will be blessed.
—Roger Ellsworth, Pastor, Parkview Baptist Church, Jackson, TN

This helpful little book is clearly the result of a lot of hard work and study and Christian people should be grateful to Stan Evers for taking the time to elucidate these important but sometimes neglected New Testament passages, some familiar and some less familiar. By God’s grace, what he has to say will hopefully make us long for heaven where, as he says, one day ‘we will sing for ever, with sinless souls and glorified bodies’ in such terms.
—Gary Brady, Pastor Childs Hill Baptist Church, London

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