Discovering the hidden Lamb

Gill JacobsSKU: DHL3331 ISBN: 9781846253331



A story of two lambs: the orphaned lamb Ben cares for, and Jesus, the Lamb of God. Bible events woven into this story are seen through Ben's eyes as he struggles to understand who Jesus is while trying to save his pet lamb from being sold for sacrifice at Passover. The reader discovers what life was like in Palestine during Jesus' time, and why the Lamb of God had to die.

About the Author:

Gill Jacobs lives in Hampshire with her husband John. They have two grown up daughters and two grandsons. She has always enjoyed working with children both as leader of the youth work in her church and also as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Her own experience of coming to faith as a child and her understanding of child development has convinced her of the need to teach children the truth while they are young. Being married to a converted Jew has given her insights into Jewish thinking and culture.

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"fine tale"

Shocking news, the most amazing man who ever lived has been executed. It defies belief, for he was the kindest, most gentle person but they hurt him and put him to death in the cruellest way imaginable. Why was it allowed to happen? Did anybody care? Yes they did, and in Gill Jacobs, sensitive yet powerful story of the Lamb, we are shown why his death had to happen. Old and young alike will love this book, and I happily commend this fine tale woven around the biblical account.' Clive Anderson - Clive is a Pastor and author of a number of books for Day One

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