Crazy World

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John Benton’s series of booklets produced for his work with the Pastors’ Academy now being made widely available. 

 Our society is in pain. Families are breaking down and individuals are suffering. Much of this is caused by the fact that Christian sexual ethics have been jettisoned as archaic and oppressive. While holding to biblical truth, the church needs to be both compassionate and understanding in order to try to direct people aright. To help churches in that, Pastors need to be equipped.

This is a compendium of four booklets: Atheism, Gender and Self-harm, Lovers of themselves, Soft Totalitarianism and Gender Confusion. These are difficult issues, often the subject of sharp controversy and debate across our society. How have they risen to such prominence? What is the thinking behind them? Where does the Bible stand on them?

 This book does not pretend to have all the answers but hopefully contains some worthwhile insights intended to equip busy pastors and leaders shepherding their churches through the cultural and spiritual maze of what has become a crazy world.

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