Through the Psalms V2

Tony BennettSKU: TPV27421 ISBN: 9781846257421



Here is the second volume of Tony Bennett’s Devotional Commentaries on the Psalms, covering Book Two of the Psalter, that is Psalms 42-72. Book Two opens with a collection of psalms written by the Sons of Korah (42-49), followed by a group of psalms of David set against specific events in David’s life (51-60), the historical details of which are found in 1 and 2 Samuel. The format and aim of the book remain the same as in Volume One – to show each psalm’s historical setting, explain its meaning, apply its teaching to our daily lives, and see how the psalmist points us to Christ, all in just six pages.


Tony Bennett lives in Lymington, Hampshire, and is a member of New Milton Evangelical Free Church. He assists in the preaching ministry in a number of churches in Hampshire and Dorset, and in recent years has published four Christian devotional books with DayOne. Before retirement, he taught American Politics, first at the Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, and then at Charterhouse, Godalming, where he also served as deputy headmaster.


‘Tony Bennett hits the spot by providing clear and insightful answers to three basic questions: What is this Psalm about? How does it speak to me? How does it lead me to Jesus? Read this book as a daily devotional or as stimulus for preaching and you will be

Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Chicago, US


‘What I especially liked about this book is that it is written by someone who is not just well informed about the Psalms, but who clearly uses the Psalms and is blessed by them. Tony Bennett is attentive to the Psalms in their original contexts, helps us see the fullness of their meaning in Christ, and then shows us how we can join in too. Reading these devotions is like having a friend alongside you, who not only points out things of interest, but who gently keeps asking, ‘Is this a song you could sing as well?’ I expect it to be a blessing to many.’

Revd Christopher Henderson, Pastor, Anchor Church, Lymington & Pennington, Hampshire, UK

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