The Church at Antioch - First Century Lessons for Church Life Today

William NelsonSKU: CA6004 ISBN: 9781846256004



In this book we are invited to travel back in time to the year AD 45 and to the city of Antioch, an important trade, commercial and cultural centre, but also the location of the first Gentile church to be mentioned in the Bible.  It was here that followers of Jesus were first called ‘Christians’. Drawing from the book of Acts and elsewhere in the New Testament, William Nelson pieces together a picture of this church and discovers that it was one from which we have much to learn. Led by godly leaders who were faithful in their teaching, and as a praying, evangelistic, Holy Spirit-led, united, giving, hospitable, maturing and encouraging fellowship, the church of Antioch provides us with a template for church life today.

About the Author:

William Nelson is thankful for his strong evangelical church background in his home town of Carlisle which brought him to know Jesus as his personal Saviour. He started a career in council finance, but in his early thirties had a clear call to ordained ministry. After training at Oak Hill he was led to parishes in Whitehaven, Widnes and Manchester. Now retired, he and his wife live in Nottingham, where they still have a pastoral heart for God’s people and continue to serve the church to which they belong.


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