Christian dating

Martin SweetSKU: CD0323 ISBN: 9781846250323



What do you want from your Christian life? A 'get into heaven free' card? Insurance against illness and problems? A passport to wealth? Being a Christian isn't primarily about what we can get; rather it is about what we can give, considering what God has already given to us and for us in Christ. It's about Lordship, commitment and love. Starting from this perspective, Martin Sweet looks carefully at what having a relationship should mean, and how to conduct oneself carefully in it, addressing words both to guys and girls.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in the south of England, Martin Sweet was converted at the age of nineteen and came to love and appreciate the young people’s group be attended.  He trained at Redcliffe Missionary Training College and has a strong interest in missions and Christian education. He and his wife, Jenny, and their family live in Swindon.



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