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To follow his two volumes on Scripture verses containing the phrase ‘But God’, Tony Bennett offers this volume of 31 devotional expositions on verses containing the phrase ‘But now.’ This phrase usually presents a biblical truth in a ‘then . . . but now’ format in which the ‘then’ is what happened before Christ died, or before we came to a living faith in him, whereas the ‘now’ is what resulted from Christ’s death,
resurrection and ascension and our coming to that moment of saving faith in him.
And what tremendous words they are, what the great preacher of the last century Martyn Lloyd-Jones called ‘the great turning point in God dealing with the human race,’ whilst another commentator calls them, ‘God’s great “nevertheless” in the
face of man’s failures.’


Tony Bennett and his wife Sue live in Lymington, Hampshire, and are members of New Milton Evangelical Free Church where Tony is an occasional preacher.
He also assists with the preaching ministry at Broadstone Baptist Church and at other churches in Dorset and Hampshire. Before retirement, Tony taught American Politics, first at the Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, and then at Charterhouse, Godalming, where he also served as deputy headmaster.


Tony Bennett in these But Now devotions provides a gospel tonic for your
day. Each text reminds us of what life is like without the knowledge of Christ &
then draws us to revel in the undeserved favour of the Lord of all glory.
You cannot fail but be encouraged and challenged as Tony helps you to see the
way the gospel speaks powerfully into our lives. This is done with a warmth and passion that reflects both the character of the writer and most importantly the Saviour that inspired him to write. Highly recommended reading.

Simeon Woodcraft, Pastor, New Milton Evangelical Free Church

Tony Bennett has done it again! In this third volume of 31 Bible readings where he takes two words from Scripture— here, But Now—Tony in a very easy style writes of deep biblical truths that are utterly transformational. With apt illustrations from everyday life, he covers topics such as the heart of the gospel,
being single minded, avoiding legalism, the incalculable value of whatever
work you do for God, the security of dying in faith. There are warnings here but
wonderful encouragements, all faithfully expounding Scripture. Wherever you are in your walk with Jesus, or if that is something you have yet to experience, you will be challenged and inspired. I have repeatedly recommended Tony’s first two volumes—I will be doing the same with this. Buy it and read it—you will not be disappointed.

Charles Marnham, Vicar, St Michael’s Chester Square, London, 1995-2019

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