But God...The Gospel in two words

Tony BennettSKU: BG5694 ISBN: 9781846255694



In God’s world, nothing happens by chance. Many times in Scripture we see how God intervenes in the affairs of mankind, or, as Thomas à Kempis put it, ‘For man proposes, but God disposes.’ The words ‘but God’ enshrine a recurring theme throughout the Scriptures of the gracious, merciful and sovereign ways in which God has intervened in the lives of men and women down the ages, and most especially in our salvation. In each of the thirty one thoughtful and encouraging studies in this book, Tony Bennett takes a Scripture text that contains the phrase ‘but God’, or, more often in the New Testament, ‘but Jesus’, and demonstrates how each text depends for its effect on what goes before these two words—often the background of our sin—as compared with what comes after them—the wonder of God’s grace and love.

Contents of this book include God's first question, remembering, God sees, God with us, my weakness...God's strength, God's perfect plan, looking back...looking forward, God working for our good, not judging by appearances, God's watchful eye, a question of life or death, excuses!, a wind, a 'whale' & a worm, Godly priorities, peace in the storm, from 'Mission impossible' to 'Mission accomplished', Jesus knows, a healing faith, 'You fool!', the parable of the prodigal father, silence that is not golden, the unique Christ, I know that my Redeemer lives!, How do I know God loves me?, Sin's wages...God's gift, the burden-bearer, whose wisdom are you trusting?, reason or revelation, great is thy faithfulness, Christ is risen.Hallelujah!, the gospel in two words.

About the Author:

Tony Bennett is a member of Christ Church, Westbourne, in Bournemouth. Before retirement he taught American Politics, first at the Royal Hospital School, Ipswich, and then at Charterhouse, Godalming, where he also served as deputy headmaster. He married his wife, Sue, in 2006 and they live on the outskirts of Poole. Tony is an occasional preacher both at Christ Church, Westbourne, and at Broadstone Baptist Church.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Peet, Grace Church Guildford
Divine Interruption

The two-word title is, of course, straight from scripture, which is the key to this good book. It speaks of God's sovereignty and so gives us confidence in what he says, comfort in our suffering, correction in our behaviour and causes us to worship.
These and other consequences of these two words form a thread through this book. Also implied in these two words is a healthy warning about human logic and encouragement to find God's perspective.

When we grasp this, we will get a thrill from reading this book. The author communicates well: biblically and with an easy but thorough writing and reading skill. The messages are very much gospel centred and the author is faithful to the context. The book frequently brought a smile to my face and a song to my heart. There are 31 chapters which gives an important clue as to how to use the book. They can be read in a normal continuous manner, but each chapter demands a time for thought and cogitation. The author helps in this by giving further reading reference and points for reflection, Probably the best way to get fed is by reading a chapter a day. The reader will be blessed and will want to come back to the book again. Thank you, Mr Bennett

Tim Bennett
But God - a challenging read

A very well written devotional book with practical applications for everyday life. The illustrations and reflections fit beautifully with the theme for each reading.The light touches included make you smile! It is surprising how many times the phrase 'But God' occurs in the Bible.

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