15 Parables of Jesus

Karen TromanSKU: CB15 ISBN: 9781903087473



This series of colouring books will enable children to explore the Bible and learn Bible texts. The youngest children will have fun colouring the illustrations in each book, while an adult can help them to take their first steps in biblical knowledge.

There are two introductory books which deal with an overview of the Old and New Testaments, and a third which deals solely with creation. The remaining books in the series bring to life the Bible stories including Moses, Jacob, Joseph and David, as well as New Testament characters such as Mary, John the Baptist and the apostles.

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I bought this for my grandson who is 7. He was finding church services rather long as he was going to a high church service for the first time with no Sunday School as it is 9 am. This allows him to read and play quietly while learning about the stories from the Bible. Lots of interesting conversations have come out of this book. Excellent book. Amazon - 5/5 star - 28/03/2014 - Mrs H Charles

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