Before the throne of God above

Michael PlantSKU: BTGA ISBN: 9781903087596



For good reason evangelical Christians have been keen to emphasize the finished work of Christ on the cross in their presentation of the gospel. Understandably, but to our loss, this emphasis hasn't always been accompanied by a similar emphasis on the ongoing work of the Lord Jesus in glory where, as our great High Priest, he always lives to intercede for his people. In a simple non-technical way this book aims to look at the subject of the heavenly high priesthood of Christ. Key questions on the subject are examined.

About the Author:

 Mike Plant has been serving as the General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches since September 2003. He lives in Middlesbrough where he had previously served as minister of Cannon Park Congregational Church for 21 years. Mike is married to Margaret and they have 2 sons.


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Christ as our Priest

At the outset, this book is difficult to categorize. It is not a verse-by-verse commentary, nor is it a straight 'devotional commentary'. …this short journey into Christ's priestly role seeks to provide a deeper understanding of why Christ is our Priest and how this benefits us. Plant explains why the writer of Hebrews focused on such issues as how Christ's priestly work and death on the Cross permanently cleanses our guilty consciences, how Christ is able to sympathize with all our weaknesses, and what the effect of Christ's intercession should really have on us, just to name a few...we would do well to follow Plant's endeavour to feast on all of Scripture and find it "useful for teaching, rebuking and training up in righteousness." - The Gospel Witness - August 2005 - Jonathan Edward Stairs, Pastor @ Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa, ON

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