Be Bright

Andrew KingSKU: BB3935 ISBN: 9781846253935



University can and should be a great experience. Don’t see your time as just a means to an end. Make it your goal at university to glorify Christ. I hope this book will help you flourish and "be bright”. Sure, bright academically through hard study; but also bright spiritually by living a distinctively Christ centred life.

Rumour has it that some atheists are now claiming to be bright. May the joy and love of Christ in you enable you to shine brighter and even warm some of the cynical and hostile folks you encounter.

About the Author:

Andrew King lives in north London with his wife, Lena, and their two daughters. After over a decade teaching and researching as a University lecturer in Engineering Design he how serves as a pastor at Highbury Baptist Church. His work now involves better understanding God’s Word, better understanding God’s people, and better understanding how to feed God’s people God’s Word.


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Customer Reviews

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…this little book is a good one to read. Andrew King has rammed it chock-a-block with good, sensible advice for new students. It will help you think through the practical things (like how to sudy), as well as the deeper issues (like knowing who you are). And that will mean helping you to grab these precious years and make the most of them. So enjoy the read, have a brilliant time at uni, and may you shine like a star as you live and speak for Jesus there!' - Michael Reeves, formerly head of Theology, UCCF and author of 'The Good God'.

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