Baptism - A guide for the dry

Rich BaxterSKU: BGD7247 ISBN: 9781846257247



You've been invited to a baptism...

But what's it all about?

In this helpful little booklet, Rich Baxter uses one question and two pictures to help you get right to the heart of what your friend’s baptism is all about, and how it all relates to Jesus and his gospel.


  • So you've been invited to a baptism
  • The first picture dying and rising again
  • The second picture being washed
  • What next? The road ahead


Rich Baxter is Pastor for Outreach at Carey Baptist Church in Reading. He is married to Dorcas and has three lovely children. He and Dorcas love finding out new facts about dinosaurs, Lego and unicorns from their three young children. Rich loves to point others to Christ, and encourage and equip believers to do this— and is amazed that a church pays him to do so!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andy Leslie

The real test is whether people will take and read them. Our first order were all taken and so I've been back for a second, which suggests that they have value and meet a need.

David Wells

Meets a real need.

Adam Thomas
An ideal booklet for baptism services

Rich Baxter has filled an important gap by writing this short, 16-page booklet specifically written for guests at baptism services. Rich takes the two biblical images of dying/rising and being washed, and shows how they help us understand the meaning of baptism, and what it means to become a Christian. There are then some suggestions for learning more, and an opportunity to respond in prayer.

The whole booklet is clear, engaging and accessible, and would be suitable to give out en masse to a mix of guests. And the font size is suitable for people with a mix of eyesights - an often overlooked factor in Christian giveaway resources!

It's been a few years since our last baptism, but I am praying for an opportunity to use these soon!

Wayne Lawther
The Perfect Little Booklet

I really love the idea behind this little booklet: something for people to read whilst (perhaps slightly nervously) waiting for the baptismal service to start; it's a winsome, fun & clear message on the significance and meaning of baptism for the uninitiated. Avoiding clichés and Christian jargon, this is an excellent resource for not-yet Christians and also for those who are considering baptism.
I have a baptismal service to prepare for soon, are there will be many non-Christians attending. So I will definitely be placing some of these booklets on seats - in full confidence that they will be well received by all.

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