All One

Sam BrownSKU: AO4537 ISBN: 9781846257537




Everyone knows that Christians go to church. Each Sunday, while others are having a lie-in, they head there to sing badly, say prayers and try to listen to a sermon. Whether the building has a steeple is optional; the biscuits and weak coffee at the end are not. I am sure you know that is far from the way the Bible describes church! But I wonder if you have grasped the glorious truth of what it means to be the church; to be a part of the body of Christ; to be one with Christians from throughout history and across the world under our King, on his mission together. Who are we? What are we here for? The past, present and future realities of the church are incredible, and this little book aims to open our eyes to them, before helping us think through our role as a part of the body.

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