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Horatius Bonar

This book contains two parts. The first, simplified and abridged from Horatius Bonar's The Everlasting Righteousness, deals with the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ. Bonar shows that, in Jesus Christ, God has provided the only way to deal with the problem of our sin. The second part, taken from sermons on Regeneration by J. C. Ryle, is about the new birth, about life after conversion. Ryle addresses what it means to be born again, and what this looks like in the life of a Christian.


'Bonar and Ryle are both nineteenth–century gospel–infused preachers whose sermons and writings seem timeless. These abbreviated and updated samples should prove soul enriching to whoever reads them. Timeless truths told in effective and engaging ways.' 

Derek Thomas, Senior Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

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