Abraham's People

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At first glance, the Bible is a complex collection of books. Are these works a mere jumble of unconnected writings, or is there a unity that binds them together? Do the old & New Testaments make up one book, or should they be read separately? Are the two peoples of God - Israel & the church - distinct from each other or one & the same? Is the way to God for lost people the same throughout both Testaments? Does God rule over one kingdom or two? Is the hope of Israel different from the hope of the church, or might it be the same? Does God have a single eternal plan for his redeemed creation, or two distinct aims? Are we meant to be New Testament Christians or Bible Christians? Explore this little volume & find biblical answers to some really big questions.


About the author:

Malcolm Jones spent his first 35 years within the orbit of Brethren Assemblies, developing an itinerant ministry nationwide. In 1982 he moved to Hightown Baptist Church in Luton, working there part time as a pastoral assistant while earing a living in accountancy. In 1989 he was called to be full time pastor of Crockenhill Baptist Church in Kent, & is currently pastor of Elmstead Baptist Church in Chislehurst. He & his wife, Margaret, have 2 children & 6 grandchildren. He enjoys playing badminton, though not with great skill. He also visits prisons on a voluntary basis with Christian Prison Resources.


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David Fortune
Tremendous encouragement and does the job.

Malcolm has kindly written 5 studies contained in a study booklet based on this book. Many prisoners have both read the book and done the studies. It has changed their thinking in a number of key areas. They now see the Bible in a new light. CPR Ministries is indebted to Malcolm in many ways and this adds another debt to his account! "Thank you, Malcolm, for your labours in the gospel". Keep your next book to the same number of pages it is perfect for many and especially the student prisoners known to Christian Prison Resourcing. If anyone else would like to use the study booklet for Home Groups or personal study drop us an email and we will forward the pdf.

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