ABCDEFG of Salvation

Peter Currie | Evangelistic Booklet

ISBN: 9781846256288 | Day One Code: ABCDEFG6288


Some may have heard of the ABC of becoming a Christian.
However, some time ago, Peter Currie thought of trying to extend
this to include the Christian life and the certain hope of heaven.
This little booklet is the result.
It is not write with theologians in mind, but for ordinary people
who appreciate simple things, plainly put.
Believe that the great sacrifice of Calvary is sufficient for all
mankind, though we only derive benefit from it when we put our
trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Affirming the necessity of repentance – we should repent and we
need to, but the wonderful thing is that, when sinners genuinely
trust in the Saviour, they do repent.
We hope and pray that this will be the experience of all who read
this little booklet.

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