Desperate Search (A)

Gill JacobsSKU: ADS4284 ISBN: 9781846254284



Alexander lives in Antioch with his family. They are Greeks believers who had previously been followers of the Greek and Roman gods of the day.
When his sister Irana is kidnapped and disappears Alex and his friend Mattias are determined to find her.
Their travels are interspersed with Paul’s first and second missionary journeys and they are caught up in the adventures of the early Christians.
As Alex searches for Irana he also finds himself understanding more about for the meaning of suffering and gains a better understanding of a great, good God who cares for those who trust in him.

About the Author:

Gill Jacobs lives in Hampshire with her husband John. They have two grown up daughters and two grandsons. She has always enjoyed working with children both as leader of the youth work in her church and also as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Her own experience of coming to faith as a child and her understanding of child development has convinced her of the need to teach children the truth while they are young. Being married to a converted Jew has given her insights into Jewish thinking and culture.

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Customer Reviews

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Gill Jacobs has written a book that helps young readers step into the New Testament world, taking them on an adventure across the Roman Empire & into a greater understanding of faith in God. This short novel, aimed at a young audience, follows the journey of Alex & his friend Mattias as they seek to find his kidnapped sister Irana. They are led from their home town Antioch to varying places in the Roman Empire & find themselves caught up in the narrative of Acts, bumping into Peter, Barnabas & Paul as they search. Jacobs creates an immersive New Testament world that brings to life the cities, religions, people & culture of the first-century Roman Empire. By creatively including some stories from Acts, the reader finds themselves right in the middle of the story of the Bible. As well as helpfully bringing to life the biblical world, the story explores what it looks like to have faith in God when life is hard. Alex & Mattias struggle with doubts & questions in the midst of their adventure, but in it they find a God who is good, whom they can trust & who is looking out for them. The depiction of persecution of the early Christians may require a child of younger maturity to have an adult available during a couple of chapters. Nevertheless, this is a helpful & inspiring book for a young person further to explore questions of faith & the life of the New Testament. - Evangelicals Now - July 2015 - Ben Baker, Children's worker, St John's Church Harborne, Birmingham

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