Book 1: How a spider saved a mans life

Tony HutterSKU: STC2884 ISBN: 9781846252884



This book began life as a series of children's talks based on the life of C.H. Spurgeon, each one endeavouring to teach a particular truth rooted in Scripture. Spurgeon himself had a great love for children.

He founded an orphanage, and regularly visited the children there. They would throng around him and he knew virtually all of them by name. On one occasion, when Spurgeon was in Menton in France, a boy in the orphanage died. Spurgeon in response wrote to all the boys in the orphanage, "I cannot bear to think of one boy going from the orphanage to hell; that would be terrible indeed! I often think about you all. I want to see you all happy here and hereafter."

This book is written with the hope and prayer that children may be led by the Lord to find salvation in Christ, and learn truths from the Bible that will help them to live for His glory.

About the Author

Tony Hutter was born in London, and converted when a young teenager. After theological training, he had a pastorate in Bedfordshire, after which he spent some years in Local Government. Returning to the ministry, he had pastorates in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Perth in Scotland. He is now retired, but continues to preach the Word of God. His interest in C.H. Spurgeon was aroused during his years of training,for it was at this time that Iain Murray's book 'The Forgotten Spurgeon' was published. Tony has been married to Sally for over forty years, and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Murcott
How a spider saved a man's life & 51 other great stories

By any reckoning, Charles Spurgeon's life was very remarkable. Having become a pastor at 17, at 19 he was called to minister in London where he remained until 1892. His biography is probably one of the best known within Christian circles; but what this author has done is to select various incidents from his life, starting with his childhood, and to recount them in 52 short stories, culminating with the construction of the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Eighteen of them concern Spurgeon's childhood, up to and including his conversion at Artillery Street Primitive Methodist Church. Nos. 19-35 largely concern incidents during his ministry at Waterbeach; and the rest relate to London. Each short story is headed by an appropriate Bible text. Moreover, despite this work being entitled "52 Spurgeon Stories for children", like many children's books, it would undoubtedly appeal to adults, too. It could also provide preachers with the substance of several short children's addresses. Without spoiling the content for others, one might just broadly mention 3 incidents. No. 7 "An Apple in a Bottle" keeps the reader guessing, as it did the young Spurgeon, as to how the apple got there. Many will be surprised at how Spurgeon dealt with the problem of worshippers turning round during a service whenever a late comer arrived (No.44). Finally, there is a mountain of matter in the account of how his youth & stature caused a wealthy man initially to disdain him (No.33).

Beth Esdale
Thank you Tony Hutter!

My husband is a Presbyterian minister in Chatswood, NSW, Australia, and our family has been greatly enjoying Tony Hutter's books of Spurgeon stories for kids. We’ve been using them as a daily devotional with our children (ages 6 and 4) after dinner each night, and they are learning so much. And of course, my husband and I love the stories, too! They are such a wonderful reminder of God’s power to change lives through the gospel.

Leonie Williams
Great for all the family

Am very pleased to see that there are two more books in the series, as we have enjoyed reading a story at our family meal each day. It's a lovely book for all the family and is great for creating discussion on biblical topics such as perseverance, integrity and compassion.

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