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Today the faith of Christians is being undermined daily. A relentless stream of secular attacks from supposedly solid science has put many Christians on the defensive. Whether the argument is about evolution, history or theology, every believer must be able to provide an answer for the hope that is within them. But you don't have to be an expert to respond effectively when confronted about your faith. This book gives you quick and concise answers to the tough questions that are often posed to believers regarding:

Creation & evolution

Age of the earth & Noah's Ark

Death & suffering

Origin of life & missing links

Biblical history & a biblical worldview help us to understand the past, present & the future. Too many believers have fallen victim to those who say the Bible's history is false or that science has disproved it. Equip yourself to address the sceptical questions & comments of believers & unbelievers alike & successfully stand strong in your defense of the inerrancy & truth of God's Word

By Bryan Osborne & Bodie Hodge

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