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24 STUNNING Powerpoint graphics to instantly download on the Bible story of the crucifixion.
Set covers scenes full Easter story including Upper room, Gethsemane, Arrest and trial of Christ, Cross, Burial and Resurrection.

This is the ANIMATED VERSION which has 'movement' in scenes: e.g. characters enter scene on click, clouds move, stars shine, background go out of focus etc - this version is more engaging for storytelling. 

Designed to be taught over 4 sessions in serial format. Perfect for teachers, Sunday school leaders and youth workers who wish to teach great Bible adventures to kids and teens. 

Zip file comes with full set of graphics, teaching guide/script and printable colouring sheet.

DayOne is a distributor of these PowerPoints and cannot guarantee the images will be identical to the books


Book also available

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Customer Reviews

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Children paid attention

The powerpoint held the children's interest as I told the story. I like that different things would happen and the children had to watch to see what would change in the picture. I had to redo the Judas leaving because some of the children missed it and wanted to see it. :) Thank you for making this available to the public.

Ray Tolley
Technically impressive, theologically correct.

As a teacher and user of IT for many years I am astounded by both the technical and artistic merits of this animated PowerPoint. I was most surprised by the understanding attitude of the 'script writers' who recognised that as youth-leaders or Sunday School teachers we are encouraged to adapt the text according to our audience.
At this strange time, during the COVID-19 'lockdown', I have taken the liberty of producing the series as a 6-part set of on-line videos for the young people with whom I am in contact. In particular, for young people whose first language is not English I have been encouraged to find that the narrative has not 'wandered off-track', I have posted each small paragraph of text followed by my voice-over. Occasionally I have modified the language, as any teacher would, replacing some of the more adult technical/religious words and phrases for those that the youngsters and young Christian with whom I am working.would understand.
Yet again, I must congratulate the artists on their painstaking work and trust that other teachers and youth leaders will find these animated PowerPoints equally useful.

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