Sermons from the Schemes

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In our poorest communities many people are living through social, relational and physical struggles. How do we teach and preach the Bible in an engaging way to help poorer people deal with some of the most pressing social issues such as addictions, abuse and mental health? What does evangelism and discipleship look like among the working-class?

This is a collation of sermons and talks given by pastors, church planters, and women’s ministry leaders working in Scotland’s housing schemes, aiming to help you effectively engage the poor in your own community. Whether they are unbelievers in need of the gospel, or a new believer wondering why they should go to church or someone raising children as a single parent. Whether they are trapped in addiction, or overshadowed by painful childhood trauma or face chronic health challenges.

The light and hope of the gospel breaks through the darkness of sin and deprivation and this short collection of sermons and talks will encourage you in your own spiritual journey and help you preach and teach that gospel message in an effective way.

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