Priesthood of all believers

Gary BradySKU: PAB7513 ISBN: 9781846257513



The priesthood of all believers is a neglected subject and consequently a little-understood subject.

Nevertheless, it is an important subject, one that every true believer ought to know about and ought to understand.

The purpose of this little book is to introduce the subject by giving the biblical background and to help people to begin to explore its contours for themselves.

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be priests but with no good reason.

They are false priests who cannot bring you or themselves nearer to God.

There is only one great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ and he alone can bring us to God.

All those who trust in him are also priests, priests who serve, making appropriate sacrifices and living for the glory of God.

What a privilege!


Gary Brady is originally from Wales.

He has pastored Childs Hill   Baptist Church, London, since 1983.

After earlier studies in Aberystwyth, Cardiff and London, he gained a ThM from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2006.

Married to Eleri since 1988, he is the husband of one wife, the father of five sons and gransha to eight grandchildren.

He is the author of several books.


The doctrine of the priesthood of believers is sadly neglected today, and yet it is such an Important, edifying, and practical theme.

This little book is a valuable  resource, including much good material in short compass.

You will be informed, encouraged, and challenged as you read.’

Bill James, Principal, London Seminary


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