More Rogues in royal robes

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In my previous book about Rogues in Royal Robes, I covered in detail the rise and
fall of King Omri of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and his dynasty – this included
his son, King Ahab and his descendants. It also detailed the rise of Jehu from being a
commander in Israel’s army to his being the king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and
the destruction of King Ahab’s descendants. Furthermore, the life of the evil Queen
Athaliah of the Southern Kingdom of Judah was covered in detail. In this current book,
I look at the enthralling history of Saul and his failings, including his rejection as the
king of Israel. The lives of David and his sons and the establishment of his descendants
on the throne of the Southern Kingdom of Judah are also examined in the light of the
growth of the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires. In addition, I explain the fascinating
origin and relationship between the two Kingdoms of Israel, the origin of the Jews and
the Samaritans.

‘Monty takes us on a beautiful historical journey, giving us insight into the lives of
each of these Royal Rogues. Such detail and acumen allow the reader to experience
the Bible text in detail, cross referenced with Monty’s personal thoughts and nuggets
of wisdom. which, if we take note, will help us with the journeys and battles we face
as people.’
Rev Heath van Staden, Pastor of Liberty Church, Llanwern, South Wales
‘More Rogues in Royal Robes digs a bit deeper into the lives of the Biblical
record of leaders, their lives, loves and losses. I can highly recommend this
latest book.’
Pastor Stephen Harmes, Senior Leader of the River Dee Community Church, Flint,
North Wales

Dr A. J. Monty White is a graduate of the University of Wales (BSc, PhD).
He held various senior administrative roles at the Universities in Cardiff until
2000, when he became the Chief Executive of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe).
Following this, he had an itinerant ministry speaking and preaching until his
wife, Irene, passed away in March 2018. Fulfilling her dying wish, Monty then
began to develop talks and write books on and about how archaeological
discoveries corroborate the history that is found in the Bible.

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