Mary Jones

Colin D Jones; Illustrator Graeme HewitsonSKU: TTMJ3973 ISBN: 9781846253973



Each of these fantastic 'Tales of Truth' have stunning full colour illustrations
Mary Jones, Born in 1784 into a poor Welsh family, the desire of Mary’s heart was to own a Bible of her own. After six long years of saving she set off barefoot and alone on a 25 mile adventure to buy a copy of God’s word. Would this remarkable young girl finally fulfil her dream …?

• Very Exciting stories
• Educational Content
• State of the art stunning visuals that will capture the attention of any reader.
• All the stories are TRUE
• Expanding range making collectable sets
• Work Perfectly as prize-giving resources alongside currently available digital
•  Ideal for target age group to read alone or for parents to read to younger children.
• 6-10 year olds
• Youth Workers 

Colin D Jones is a serving Pastor. He was born and educated in South Wales. He is actively involved in children’s work and has written a number of adult and children’s books as well as three Holiday Bible Clubs under the title 'Just Add Children'. He is married with four daughters, one granddaughter and two grandsons.

 PowerPoints also available

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Customer Reviews

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Helen Jack
Wonderful Powerpoint

I bought the Powerpoint of Mary Jones to show at a weekly 'Monday Club' for children who come to our under 7's Sunday School.
The theme for last term was all about the bible. As well as learning about facts to do with the bible we showed this Powerpoint to them. We were able to do a little each week as it is conveniently broken up with 'to be continued' slides after each section. The graphics are wonderful and the children loved the semi-animation to them. This was such an effective tool to bring to life the true story of a child who was determined to buy her very own copy of the Bible in her own language.


Many of us will have several copies of the Bible in our homes. But how much do you treasure your Bible? Do you really love it? The real life story of Mary Jones and God's Word has much to say to us and to our children. Mary Jones, born to a poor family in the late 1700s, lived in rural Wales. Her overriding longing to have a copy of her own in Welsh compelled her to take great measures in order to get one. Her actions, demonstrating her commitment to God and love for his Word, went on to inspire the setting up of the British and Foreign bible Society. May her story continue to captivate and challenge us and our children! In this version Mary's adventure is retold simply and accessibly and is brought to life with bold and engaging graphics that will draw in the readers. It is therefore appropriate for a wide age range and suited to a variety of contexts such as home, Sunday school and Bible clubs. The graphics are also available for sale to download in Powerpoint form for use with larger groups at (5/5 star) Grace Magazine March 2014 - Jo Gulliford, Bristol

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