And God made the beasts...

Alison BrownSKU: D6011 ISBN: 9781846256011



When did dinosaurs live? Can we believe everything we read about them? Are they ever mentioned in the Bible?

Children ask us these important questions & they deserve honest answers.  If we shroud the dinosaur issue in mystery or suggest that the Bible says nothing about it we encourage young enquiring minds to doubt the authority & relevancy of God's Word.  Scripture paints the backdrop, sets the scene & unravels the drama of the dinosaur very simply

About the Author:

Alison Brown is a children’s writer/ illustrator. Living in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland she is a former primary school teacher, and is married to David, with five grown-up children. She loves the book of Genesis and longs that today's children would be taught its foundational truths.

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Customer Reviews

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Alistair Mckenna
Colourful and correct

Clear, colourful, correct and concise with interesting puzzles to engage with children.

Peter Murcott

This is essentially a children’s information/work-book, with tasks on each page. Parents may wish to work along with their children on some of them. It opens by asking whether dinosaurs are to be found in the Bible.
From there, it challenges the prevailing view that they lived millions of years ago, and it introduces the first beasts, using Genesis as the reference point (vegetarians will be much heartened by the information on page six.) Thereafter the Fall of Man appears. The coming of meat-eating is explained on page eleven; whilst from pages 13-16, the AV’s references to ‘dragons’ are made, including their habits and habitations. It is in these pages where Scripture is particularly studied. Further on, page 24 explains the origin of the word ‘dinosaur’, which effectively answers the contentious question of why they are not specifically mentioned in Scripture.
Some tasks are more demanding than others. For instance, page 17 asks what is meant by the behemoth being “chief in the ways of God”? (Job 40:19] Well, Mums and Dads, could you answer that, if your help is sought? Incidentally, regarding the comments on page 17, it is not only the newer Bible translations that suggest that the behemoth might have been a hippo. Cruden’s Concordance has a note to the same effect.
This modestly-priced booklet is well illustrated, attractively laid out, and undoubtedly contains information of which some adults may have been previously unaware.

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