Travel with William Booth

Jim WinterSKU: TWWB ISBN: 9781903087350



As a young man, William Booth saw the poverty and suffering that surrounded him in the streets of Nottingham and the East End of London but he could not have imagined that the organisation he founded would have such a world-wide impact. This remarkable man launched a movement against the poverty and social deprivation that brought misery to millions. At first reviled, later honoured, his is the story of what God can do with a life entirely devoted to Jesus Christ. Nearly a hundred years after his death, the Salvation Army today works in over 100 countries, with 14,000 Corps.

About the Author:

Jim Winter has been an evangelical pastor in England for over 20 years and has preached and lectured in the UK, USA and South East Asia. After a long period of ministry in London's inner city, he now lives and ministers in the south of England. He and his wife have 2 sons.


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"Excellently illustrated"

The Salvation Army does wonderful work throughout the world. If you want to know more about its founder, what better way than to read this biography and travel around to the places with which he and his family are associated. This guide combines a detailed story of his life's work with clear maps, instructions as to access, and information about each place. Excellently illustrated with photographs you can travel in imagination or in reality. GoodBookStall Review - 28/02/2005 - Mary Bartholomew

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