Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour

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The Protestant Reformation would change not only the Church, but business, culture, commerce and education.  In short, it changed everything. In the 16th century England had only two universities, Oxford and Cambridge.  Each was to play a major role in the unfolding of a drama both terrible and glorious.  Through these pages we walk in the steps of graduates and faculty who became martyrs and leaders.  Where space allows, we also glance sideways at a few other milestones in Oxbridge Christian history.

- ‘Start here’ to set the scene

- Timeline of the Reformation

- Easy-to-follow maps

- Other sights of interest



Julia Cameron (MA Aberdeen) has led communications and publishing endeavours for OMF International, IFES, and the Lausanne Movement.  She served for 25 years as an obituarist for The Times and The Independent, and is a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  Julia is active as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), and a member of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford.

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Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour

This excellent publication is a guide to the sites of Protestant Reformation interest in the 2 universities, there are detailed directions & clear maps to help. We can't go back in time but we can go back in space, so to speak. The memories of the Reformers still linger in the shadows of the very places where they lived, preached, wrote & died. She enters into the spirit & thoughts of the Evangelical Reformers in a most refreshing way for our generation which has turned against the very word Protestant & knows little & seems to care less of the Reformers to whom we owe so much & who paid such a price for the privileges we hold so lightly. The author weaves a great deal of useful history into her narrative. She rightly emphasises the huge number of martyrdoms for the gospel during the Reformation, many of obscure, humble people who paid a terrible price & who have no memorial. We were particularly struck by her very fair account of Henry's divorce which played such a part in the events of the Reformation. The author refers to other people such as Charles Simeon, Milner, Wilberforce, Stott and CS Lewis, Ridley Hall, Tyndale House & Billy Graham's mission. The book is lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs of the places concerned. It is a pleasure simply to read. We need more books like this lest we have to pay the same dreadful price again. We cannot recommend it too highly. Go and see these places for yourself, take some young people with you and of course this book.

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