Genesis for Today 6th edition

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Professor McIntosh is a scientist who sees no contradiction between science and the events of creation in the book of Genesis. He believes that all Christian doctrine, directly or indirectly, has its basis in the literal events of the first eleven chapters of the Bible, and that these 'foundations' of the faith have been undermined in the church by the fallible theories of evolution.

This book argues from the complete accuracy of Genesis and the Bible. All fundamental Christian doctrine is found in embryo in Genesis 1-11. It provides key support in the creation / evolution debate and written in such a way that the non scientist can understand it easily. The burden of Professor McIntosh is that Creation is no peripheral issue. True revival of Christianity in the decadent West today will never be known unless we get back to believing God's Word from the very beginning.

About the Author: 

Andy McIntosh, DSc, FIMA, CMath, FEI, CEng, FInstP, MIGEM, FRAeS up to 2010 was Professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory at the University of Leeds. He has had a long scientific research career concerning mathematics, combustion and aeronautics, both in academia and government establishments and is now a visiting Professor at Leeds. He is married with three children living, and one who died in infancy, with currently six grandchildren. He speaks regularly both in the UK and abroad in connection with the importance of origins. In the latter years of his academic work, his research led him into the life sciences with the study of the bombardier beetle, and the whole field of biomimetic— learning engineering solutions from nature. This research, inspired by the intricate design features of the beetle, has led to a novel spray technology being applied to fuel injectors, pharmaceutical sprays, aerosols and fire extinguishers.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny Williams
Genesis for today

Professor McIntosh is widely read and brings out his knowledge with ample references to support his writing. In the chapter on history he covers the literal interpretation of the Creation account. The chapters on marriage and family life may be seen as having conservative ideas, they should be considered, particularly the origins of the strains found in relationships within a family. It also covers the reasons for marriage being between a man and woman only, and why abortion is wrong. The chapter on the Sabbath was a great eyeopener, I had not realised that Sabbath means ‘ceasing’ or ‘rest’, and that it was instituted at the Creation. The many questions I was asking about this topic were all answered. For outreach and the Gospel, McIntosh shows how it is necessary to believe in a literal first Adam to fully appreciate the work of Christ. He explains the vital point that Evolutionists believe death is part of the process of change therefore ‘good’; whereas the Bible says death is evil, and only entered the world as part of the Fall. He also shows how a literal view of all the Bible gives a solid base for evangelism. His chapter on the Nation is saddening, looking at aspects of where we have fallen from the Biblical standard, with hard consequences ensuing. Many great preachers and ‘states people’ are quoted. In conclusion this is an authoritative, well researched and thought out book, useful and a good starting point to anyone who is grappling with apologetics.


‘This is an excellent book for all to read and to give as a gift to interested sceptics.’
—Evangelical Times

‘For those who have eyes to see, here is ample proof that God’s revealed truth is as trustworthy as ever—and infinitely more certain than every human speculation...Genesis IS for today. I appreciate Andy McIntosh’s obvious love for the Bible and his conviction that God’s Word will always triumph over every falsehood. He shows in simple language why many of the evolutionists’ claims are demonstrably false.’
—John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, USA

This book is another nail in the coffin of a false intellectualism seeking worldly respectability that tries to suggest that Evolution and the Bible have shaken hands in peace. Its chapters and references to the on-going relationship of the Creation Sabbath to the Lord’s Day should cause each reader to re-examine their regard for this wonderful gift from God to every generation and every nation.
—David Harding, Pastor of Milnrow Evangelical Church, Milnrow, Rochdale, England

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