Being a Christian: The Basics of Christian living

Stephen KnealeSKU: BC6134



Becoming a Christian is the single most important event that can happen in your
life. It is life-changing and should alter everything.  It means more than just thinking the right things; it must work itself out in the way we live.  So what does being a Christian actually look like in practice?  In these pages, you will find practical
guidance to help you in your Christian walk.  Whether you have only recently become a Christian or you have been a believer for a long time, this little book will
encourage you to honour Christ by putting what we believe into practice.

About the Author:

Stephen Kneale is Pastor at Oldham Bethel Church, Greater Manchester.  He holds HE and postgraduate qualifications in History & Politics, Religious Studies &  Philosophy, and Theology, and he regularly writes on theological, political and social issues on his blog, Building Jerusalem, at He is married and has two children.

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