A beginners guide to Church History

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‘A Beginner’s Guide to Church History’ aims to provide an overview of the history of the Christian Church from its beginnings in New Testament times right up to the present day. 
It is a broad-brush view of the whole Christian era, and highlights major events, movements and trends. 
It also includes brief biographical sketches of some of the leading characters used by God to bring the kingdom of Christ to where it is today. 
The main focus is on ‘Evangelicals’, who have the primary claim on the name Christian. 
As well as being a narrative of historical facts, brief assessment is often included of the importance and relevance of those facts. 
This book could provide a basic resource for College and Seminary students, be helpful for older children in Christian families, as well as those with some interest in the subject who would struggle with larger reference works.


Philip Parsons has a degree in  Electronics Engineering and worked in Defence Electronics for 29 years. 
He has held office in Evangelical Churches over several decades, mainly in the south of England. 
Church history has been a hobby of his for more than 50 years. He has assisted in the preparation of radio programmes in GBM’s Serving   Today series for more than 15 years. 
The subjects he has recorded are, Old Testament Survey, Systematic Theology studies, & Church History. 
In retirement he lives with his wife in Mirfield and is a member of Mirfield Evangelical Church.  


'Church history is vast, and many volumes have been written about it, which can be rather daunting for those unfamiliar with the subject. What we have in this book is a panoramic view of the history of the Church up to the present day. Philip has covered its main subjects in a most helpful manner. This should give an appetite to all who read it to consider other writers referenced in the ample footnotes.’ 

Derek French. GBM Radio Ministries

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