365 Days with D L Moody

Kevin BelmonteSKU: 365Moody ISBN: 9781846256219



The pages of this book offer a small library of the finest lines spoken by D L Moody. For all seasons of the year, his thought and reflections are a two-fold treasure: welcome for those who know his legacy of faith, and those just discovering the spiritual wealth stored in his writings. As a herald of heaven's hope in the late 19th century, Moody's reflections hold eloquence, wisdom, humour and deep insight. They speak to our time-in ways that are timeless.

About the Author:

Kevin Belmonte has authored more than a dozen books, including 'William Wilberforce' (2002) and he has won the John Pollock Award for Christian Biography. He has written literary studies of G K Chesterton and John Bunyan, and his 2014 biography, 'D L Moody: A Life' was reviewed as a "New & Noteworthy Book" by Christianity Today. His most recent biography is 'A J Gordon' (2017). Several times since 2008, Kevin's biography of William Wilberforce has been required reading for a course on character formation and leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, taught by Dr David Gergen. Kevin has been a script consultant for the BBC, and also for the PBS film, 'The Better Hour: The Life and Legacy of William Wilberforce'. For six years he was Lead Script and Historical Consultant for the critically acclaimed film, 'Amazing Grace', working with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Steven Knight. He has spoken in a wide array of settings, from the Houses of Parliament in London, and gatherings of legislators in Washington, DC, to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Of British ancestry, Kevin and his wife Kelly live by the sea in York, Maine (where his family have lived since 1630). They are the proud parents of a 12-year-old son, Sam.



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