The Resurrection

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The Unopened Gift

Chapter one of this most readable book presents the well attested evidence that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The rest of the book is the 'So what?' or 'How can that affect me?' It is written for Christians and those without faith in Christ. Why walk away from a priceless gift without unwrapping it to see what it is? Through Jesus' resurrection God's untold riches are within your reach. They are there for anyone who unpacks this life-changing truth and explores it.

About the Author

Gerard Chrispin, has written a number of books for DayOne and a series of How can…? booklets to help people to trust Christ. The first edition of The Resurrection –The Unopened Gift was published in 1999 and was his first book. It is also available in French. As a former criminal lawyer Gerard Chrispin knows how to handle evidence. As a Bible teacher, associate pastor, evangelist and author he wants his readers to know that Christ really rose again and what that can mean to them. Whether addressing church folks, conference attendees, prisoners or anyone else he has one aim: make the good news of Jesus Christ clear and simple. Married with three adult children and six grandchildren, Gerard is a former rugby player and cricketer.

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