Our Great God of Wonders

Roger Ellsworth | Ministry and Mission

ISBN: 9781846254352 | Day One Code: OGGW4352


 This book is born from the deep-seated conviction that it is vital for Christians to have a good understanding of the doctrinal core of their faith.

The people of God need to understand doctrine, and pastors must lead the way in presenting it.

Not only will such understanding bring comfort and assurance to our hearts, but it will also enable us to stand firmly against the strong forces arrayed against Christianity.

Rejecting the notion that doctrine does not belong in the pulpit, Roger Ellsworth makes Christian theology understandable and interesting for pastors and laypeople alike, with the hope that such understanding will warm our hearts with greater devotion to Christ.

About the Author:

After serving for almost fifty years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is now engaged in itinerant ministry.He has also authored over fifty books.He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons, Tim and Marty, and five grandchildren.


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