Jesus: The hidden years

Paul E Brown | Growing Christians in today's world | Truth for all Time

ISBN: 9781846255748 | Day One Code: JHY5748


The Gospels tell us a good deal about the birth of Jesus Christ and then about his public ministry, which he started when he was thirty years old. Apart from one incident which took place when he was twelve, the Bible passes over the intervening years. However, there are clues to be found about Jesus’ early life, and by piecing them together in this booklet Paul E. Brown sheds light on those years, which prove to be of great interest and value for our own Christian living.

About the Author:

Paul E. Brown spent forty-two years in pastoral ministry before his retirement. He no longer preaches, nor drives very far, but he still writes and is the author of several books published by Day One. He and his wife, Mary, live in a village not far from Lancaster.


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