Help! I need to know about Narcissism

John Steley | Help!

ISBN: 9781846256332 | Day One Code: Help36


The word ‘narcissism’ may create images of people taking ‘selfies’, maintaining an attractive image on social media or something similar.  True narcissism however is something far more serious.  It destroys communities, churches, marriages, families and individuals.  It is not just a case of people showing-off.  True narcissism is destructive and needs to be understood.  In this booklet John Steley explores the effects of narcissism on the family and the church.  He also discusses how to recognise narcissism and provides a Christian response.


John Steley has worked as a psychologist in NHS and forensic settings.  He also spent ten years working with church, Christian mission and overseas aid staff.  He now has a private practice in London.

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