Help! How can I ever forgive

Paul Williams | Help!

ISBN: 9781846255274 | Day One Code: HELP 27


 When people hurt us, we are often told to ‘forgive and forget’. Sometimes we are able to do so and move on, but on occasions we find it difficult to forgive, and, frankly, impossible to forget.

When deep hurts become roots of bitterness, we need help in knowing how we can learn to love and forgive those who have wounded us.


This booklet offers the practical biblical help that we need.





About the Author:

Paul Williams graduated in Psychology from Swansea University and later trained for the Christian ministry at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales. He has been in full-time pastoral ministry for 27 years, currently as Pastor of Swindon Evangelical Church. He is married to Ruth and has three grown-up children. 

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