Help! I've been Deployed

Roddy Macleod | Help!

ISBN: 9781846254598 | Day One Code: Help 25


Deployment can be stressful for those in the military and their families. Often
this stress leads to serious problems. This booklet tells Roddy Macleod’s story
of life in the army, a story of excitement and travel, but also of war, drug
addiction and mental health problems. It is a remarkable story of deliverance
and gives hope to those who are suffering with such difficulties, whether they
are currently serving or have served in the armed forces, and their families

Roddy Macleod was brought up in a Christian home on the Isle of Lewis. Rebelling against this way of life, he joined the army and experienced war, mental illness, and
drug and alcohol problems. The Lord delivered him to a new life of service in his kingdom, and Roddy now works with SASRA as a Christian missionary to the armed forces.



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