Ancient voices

Ann Sloane | History Today

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Book Description

AD79. Pompeii. A once vibrant cosmopolitan Roman city which was buried and her citizens lost in a cataclysmic event lasting two days. Rediscovered by accident over one and a half thousand years later she is now a popular tourist destination. Looking at the known facts surrounding these events the author seeks to bring to life once again the wonders and the final destruction of this now legendary city and to show how ultimately the lives of the peoples of this ancient civilisation parallels our own.

About the Author

Ann Sloane works in a Special Needs Department of a local school. Is a long-standing member and Sunday school teacher at Tollgate Evangelical Church, near Redhill, Surrey, U.K. She lives in Surrey with her two children Rebecca and Nathan and is the co-author of "Silent Voices: Lessons from the Titanic".


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