The Creation Song

Angeline Bell | Songs for Children's Work

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On the first day of creation
God said, “Let there be light” and it was good
On the second day of creation,
God made a space called ‘sky’ and it was good.

On the third day of creation,
God made the land and plants,
On the fourth day of creation,
The sun and moon and stars.

On the fifth of day of creation,
God made the fish and birds and it was good.
On the sixth day of creation,
The animals appeared and it was good.

God fashioned Man from dust,
And breathed into his lungs.
Out from his rib, made Woman.
We didn’t come by chance.

On the seventh day of creation
God rested from his work for it was done.

Angeline Bell

Angeline Bell has been a piano teacher since 1991. She is involved in the music ministry at Three Bridges Free Church and writes songs for the Holiday Bible Club and Sparklers Club at the church. Many thanks to Sinead, Nadia, Sabi, Marielle and Ariana Hennings for singing and Steve Newman for the studio recordings of Dare to be like Daniel, Walking in the Footsteps of Paul, Like Abraham and My Father’s Hand.

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